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Coles Together

Coles Together is the united voice of Coles County’s business community. It is our mission to promote the competitive advantages of Coles County so that we might grow a diverse and innovative economy. Doing so enhances the tax base, creates demand for physical space and new employees, and supports a high quality of life for people living throughout Coles County. Coles Together staff is trained to assist new and existing firms as they evaluate and embark on new endeavors through an active business retention program, marketing and recruitment of new businesses and industry, and initiatives showing strong results in workforce skills development.


Coles Together staff is pleased to provide a personal and professional commitment to the development of your project. Existing Coles County companies, site location consultants, and corporate real estate professionals have relied upon our staff’s practical experience planning, analyzing, negotiating, and executing successful projects. This counsel and leadership helps companies reduce risk and expense. Operating in today’s competitive environment means companies must consider workforce skills development, accessible business development incentives, partnerships with municipal governments, data collection, and infrastructure support. Coles Together is able to guide companies through all of these considerations as they compete in an increasingly global marketplace.

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